day 217: sara

I was lucky to meet Sara. I needed some professional head shots taken of me, and a friend recommended Sara, a photographer, to me. She took me in her 2-storey studio, where she put plants, hung calligraphies and traditional chinese paintings. She made green tea and said: “Let´s drink tea. I want you to be […]

day 216: new friends

Hanging out with new friends in Café Vienna, with real apple strudel, Wiener Schnitzel and Melange. That´s the best cure against homesickness.

day 188: connected

I love the pictures when I pose with women, who I meet on the way. With many there is a mutual respect. They grab my hand, I touch their backs, we lean towards each other and take pictures. It feels like finding new sisters. We smile at each other, we use our hands and feet […]

day 106: walking with jess

Walking 9 hours (including some breaks of course) can be hard. So it´s beautiful to find nice walking companions on the way. I met Jess, a passionate walker from Great Britain. Last year she walked from London to Rome in 100 days. Now she´s walking around Shikoku. Here´s her blog Walking with Jess.

day 64: Marry me!

Is your son or daughter over 30 and still not married – and not showing any signs to do so soon? Don´t worry: Just write name, age, salary and heights of your son/daughter on a paper, stick it to an umbrella and go to Shanghai´s people´s park. Put the umbrella on the ground and sit […]

day 57: sexy boy

This is a commercial – and it makes me realize I´m European. This boy just doesn´t seem attractive to me at all. But many Chinese women like their men soft, skinny and – in my eyes – very feminine. Different countries, different tastes.

day 52: dancing girl

On a rainy afternoon in Chengdu I was the only customer in a little restaurant. I was bored and so was the owner of the restaurant, who was sitting there with her two daughters. While I was waiting for my food the daughter of the owner pulled off a little show.

day 46: selfie time

I am tired of public transportation. I have to find out the time, get a ticket – if I´m lucky for the day that I want. I have to wait and to squeeze in and squeeze out. When I´m in the mood to just take off, I wish I had a car or a bicycle. […]

day 36: western imperialism

I was riding the train from the most western city in China, Kashgar, to the hottest point – temperature wise – in China: Turpan. It´s a 17-hour train ride. I bought the train ticket very late so I could only get a ticket for the cheapest category, which means 17 hours of sitting in a […]

day 19: tajik ladies

Those two ladies just came up to me and asked me to take their picture. I love their smiles. Afterwards they thanked me, giggled and went away.

day 17: travellers

In Tadschikistan freut man sich über ein ausländisches Gesicht auf der Straße. Man sieht nämlich selten eines. In der Pamir Lodge in Khorog auf 2000 m Seehöhe mitten in den Pamir-Bergen kommen die Reisenden zusammen. Fast jeder ist ungewöhnlich. Der oder die „klassische/e“ Tourist/in kommt nicht nach Tadschikistan. Zu schlecht ist die touristische Infrastruktur, bzw. […]

day 16: love is..

The easy “how to-guide” to get some kisses on your hand. Printed on a 1 kg pack of wheat flour in a Tajik super market.

day 12: new sisters

These lovely ladies and their mothers welcomed me on my mountain hike in the Fan Mountains. They gave me freshly baked bread and yoghurt made from their goats´ milk. My dates, that I had with me, they had to refuse, because of Ramadan. Thank you dear sisters for your hospitality! The first picture – which […]