day 181: into the sunrise

We took the train from Naypyidaw to Bago and then on to Moulmein. The motorbikes were put in a luggage department. When I woke up after a night in a seat, the shaking of the wagon and the lights on (I could sleep by putting the sleeping bag over my head) the sun was rising […]

day 175: no-tech

In times when computers were not used so much or didn´t even exist, people would write a lot. Letters to each other, in books, to keep notes. Maybe you remember that time. In Myanmar people write in books to keep track of the accounting. In the train stations computers are not known and big books […]

day 152: bumpy

Taking the train from Yangon to Mandalay is – let´s call it: special. It´s an old and solid train probably from the colonial times. It´s made out of full steel and is painted torquise inside. The upper class has beds and a ride costs around 10 Euros. The journey takes 14 hours. Slowly the train […]