day 127: a million lights

Tokyo from above is a must-see. From every side of the Tokyo Skytree, where you can look at the city from above, you see an endless ocean of lights.

day 72: best fortune

Some of the shrines in Japan can tell you the future. So does Senso-ji in Tokyo. They even thought of the tourists there and have prophecies in english. You just put 100 yen in a slot, pick a stick with a number on and take your fortune out of a drawer with the correct number. […]

day 71: loose tongue

Tokyo is (in)famous for its jazz and sake bars. Sake bars are supposed to be the few places where individualism gets its place in japanese culture. When people drink their sake they relax and their tongues loosen. That´s when personal talk can take place, when it´s ok to say that something is not going so […]

day 70: 60s movie

Ich sitze im Flugzeug von Seoul nach Tokyo. Neben mir ein Mann, den ich auf Mitte 50 und als Business-Mann einschätze. Macht Sinn, auf einem Flug wie Seoul-Tokyo erwartet man solche Leute und nicht Urlauber. Ich frage: „So where are you from?“ Ich bin fast ein bißchen nervös. Wann spreche ich schon jemals mit Business-Leuten? […]

day 69: walking mass

This is the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. It´s supposed to be the busiest street crossing in the world. Sometimes there are 1000 persons crossing at the same time.

day 68: 2.400 tons

This is Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. 2.400 tones of fish circulate here every day. In times of news that a lot of fish are becoming rare due to overfishing, this is an horrendous number. The real action is taking place here at 6:00 a.m., when the tuna auction is going on. Bluefin tuna can […]