day 211: village in the city

One of the things I like about Shanghai is that, though it is a 25 million people city, in some areas it has a village feeling. People are sitting out on the street on their chairs, or they hang up their clothes on the street. I enjoy that, it takes away the harshness of any […]

day 2010: back to china

One of the first beauties of China is again chinglish. China and english are just a never ending love story, that always holds surprises. Here: a happy building in Shanghai.

day 159: street pleasures

One of the pleasures in Asia is street food – I have mentioned that, right? Here are some of the pleasures I have encountered so far in Myanmar. A salad with a lot of shredded ginger, crunchy beans, tomato, cabbage and tamarind sauce. To get the real taste, get some green chili with it. Yummie! […]

day 154: oops!

Something went wrong with this truck. And it seems the guys around neither know how to solve that problem. Seen #ontheroadinmyanmar between Gangaw and Kalay.

day 147: myanmar actually

Es war ein Zufall. Eine beschwipste Frau hat mich angesprochen: „Hey, fahren wir nach Myanmar?“ Und ich hab ja gesagt. Ich weiß nur wenig über das Land: Aung San Suu Kyi, eine Militärjunta, die das Land brutal regierte, Aufstände, die von buddhistischen Mönchen und Nonnen angeführt wurden. Seit 4 Jahren ist das Land offen. Ich […]

day 88: osaka

Osaka is a fun place. The city is not as huge as Tokyo but has a vivid touch to it. Here are the famous neon signs. Everybody who goes to Osaka takes a picture in front of those signs.

day 70: 60s movie

Ich sitze im Flugzeug von Seoul nach Tokyo. Neben mir ein Mann, den ich auf Mitte 50 und als Business-Mann einschätze. Macht Sinn, auf einem Flug wie Seoul-Tokyo erwartet man solche Leute und nicht Urlauber. Ich frage: „So where are you from?“ Ich bin fast ein bißchen nervös. Wann spreche ich schon jemals mit Business-Leuten? […]

day 69: walking mass

This is the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. It´s supposed to be the busiest street crossing in the world. Sometimes there are 1000 persons crossing at the same time.

day 4: strong state, clean streets

The first thing I noticed about Dushanbe was even before I landed. We were flying over the city to land on the airport and I only saw proper houses and clean streets. Everything seemed so correct, I didn´t see any chaotic construction works or shanty towns or something that seemed sloppy. It was just a […]