day 173: red fuel

The fast and easy way to get fuel in your motorcycle is stopping by the many little private “gas stations” on the way. People put a shelf with plastic bottles full of gas in front of their houses. Some of the fuel is green or red. I think, the people just color them for fun. […]

day 172: roads

I am nor very picky. I say: Raod conditions could be worse. Of course the roads in Myanmar are bumpy, there are a lot of holes in the street, but still, who wants to go fast here anyway? I took those pictures close to Kalay, Chin state, north west Myanmar.

day 169: winding roads

The roads, that lead to the south from Inle lake are beautiful. Soon you leave the tourist crowds behind you, there is a little river next to the road and left and right there are some hills. People plant their crops and life is once again slow. To get to highway no. 1 between Yangon […]

day 155: on the road

My friend Becca and me bought some little motorcycles in Mandalay. I can recommend Mandalay Motorbike there. Zach, an US-american guy, has been living there for 7 years, selling and fixing motorbikes. His little business is a place, where it´s easy to hang out a few hours. his wife is there, the two little sons, […]

day 8: reich beschenkt

Wenn ich durch Tadschikistan reise, schaut es so aus als ob dieses Land vergessen wurde. Von Gott, von der Regierung, vom Rest der Welt. Hellbraune, trockene Berge reihen sich aneinander. Manchmal durchzieht ein roter Erdstreifen die Monotonie. Die Hitze brühtet, kein Wölkchen am Himmel. Wachsen tut hier so gut wie nichts. In den engen Tälern […]