day 229: island breeze

Where the huge Yangtze river (the 3rd largest river in the world) enters the Yellow Sea lies Shanghai. Before it enters the sea, there is an island, Chongming Island. (Quasi die Shanghaier Donauinsel…) Crossing the Yangtze to get to Chongming the river is so broad, it takes about 15 minutes by car. There we went […]

day 223: room with a view

In Austria spring time is fantastic. So many flowers, the air is still fresh, but the sun is warming, you stretch your stiff legs from the winter and take a deep breath of fresh, clean air. You take a little trip to the country side, lay down in the grass and are happy to be […]

day 190: from sheep and tourists

What is it with tourists that they just follow every footstep of other tourists? When it´s said to go to this restaurant everybody will be there. The restaurant next door will be empty. If you have to try grilled fish with this kind of sauce, they do it. I´m a tourist too, I also read […]

day 141: storm is coming

Rainy season has started in Bali and Lombok. Gili Air is dry and often you see the rain falling across the little stretch of ocean on Lombok.

day 135: stars away

I am enjoying to be away from the heat and to be in the jungle. There is time and space to do – nothing. It feels like I´m “stars away”…

day 125: power of life

BEFORE I was in Nagasaki. It was the place i liked the most in Japan. It must be because it´s more south, so it seems more relaxed. And also due to it´s past it´s more open and diverse. There have been portuguese, dutch and chinese communities here since a long time. I could´t help but […]

day 107: perfect trees

I´ve already mentioned the perfection of cutting trees in Japan. This is another example and I have to admit, this one is very pretty. Seen at one of the temples on the way.

day 98: finding the way

I´m still on the henro pilgrimage. Luckily there are signs to find your way around Shikoku island. Usually there are mountains surrounding you and cosmea (a kind of flower).

day 92: make-up buddhas

Koya San lies up in the mountains of the Kii peninsula surrounded by thick cedar forests. The air is fresher than down in the valley and the cedars give the surrounding a smell of earth and nature. Up here live 4000 people, mostly monchs running different temples. Visitors can sleep there. So the places are […]