day 224: floating city

Floating City is a web series about the life of expats in Shanghai. Here is episode 3:  If you´ve spent some time here, it´s probably funny… @photo taken from Floating City FB-page.

day 134: jungle escape

I had to escape the heat of Canggu. I ended up in Sarinbuana. It´s a tiny village at 700 meters at the foot of a volcano and it´s a little paradise. Jungle, rain and a cool breeze. Exactly what I needed to get the constant burning sun out of my system. I took my scooter […]

day 99: temple etiquette

When you reach one of the 88 temples on the henro, there is a certain etiquette: First wash your hands/mouth with the water from the little fountain, that is at the entrance of every temple. Then ring the big bell to announce that you´re here. That´s my favorite part. Then you can recite a lot of […]

day 91: en-light-enment

I smiled when I saw this disco buddha. It contradicts what I have in mind about Buddha: stillness and silence. But hey, why not: This buddha is truly enlightened.

day 88: osaka

Osaka is a fun place. The city is not as huge as Tokyo but has a vivid touch to it. Here are the famous neon signs. Everybody who goes to Osaka takes a picture in front of those signs.

day 81: Gang Nam Style

I was lucky to meet some people in Kyoto who took me to sing Karaoke – of course a real japanese experience. And I was even more lucky that a Korean joined our group. His name was J. He goes to sing Karaoke about once a week! And to top everything he sang „Gang Nam […]

day 65: looking for a job?

You like music? You like to put your aggression out there? You enjoy the attention of others? We got the right job for you here in Suzhou: Hammering the whole day on a steel stick while techno music is blasting next to you. Not only will you have fun, but you´ll be part of our […]

day 58: china´s got talent

This guy was sitting in his wheel chair in front of a huge shopping mall – the biggest building in the world by the way. Nobody was really listening except a cleaning woman that sat down to listen to the boy and me. I like his voice. And I thought that he would be perfect […]

day 52: dancing girl

On a rainy afternoon in Chengdu I was the only customer in a little restaurant. I was bored and so was the owner of the restaurant, who was sitting there with her two daughters. While I was waiting for my food the daughter of the owner pulled off a little show.

day 36: western imperialism

I was riding the train from the most western city in China, Kashgar, to the hottest point – temperature wise – in China: Turpan. It´s a 17-hour train ride. I bought the train ticket very late so I could only get a ticket for the cheapest category, which means 17 hours of sitting in a […]

day 14: music and mountains

Imagine sitting in a black Mercedes with those three gentlemen. Once again you are on the tajik, dusty roads cruising to the capital city. At one time you cross a mountain pass of 2000 or 3000 meters. The wind blowing into the car is fresh, you take a deep breath and this beautiful tajik song […]