day 177: massage what…?

Ok, we all know, South-East Asia is famous for good and cheap massages of any kind. I don´t know if there is really a traditional Myanmar massage in Myanmar. But in tourist places like Inle lake people are promoting it. Typical, traditional, massage. So I went. And this is what the massage studio looked like. […]

day 143: awesome

Why invest in advertising and people who think about catchy slogans? This tattoo studio on Gili Air just keeps it simple. Get a tattoo and then you´re awesome. There is nothing more to add.

day 128: subtle effects of japan

While my flight from Tokyo via the Philippines to Bali takes off, I am sitting with relish in a kabuki performance – traditional Japanese theater – in the National Theatre Tokyo. Probably I´m dozing, the performance takes 4 ½ hours. The next day I’m at the airport and surprised: The flight was yesterday. Good, new […]

day 123: holy hair

Sumo wrestling is popular in Japan. I tried to get tickets but everything is sold well in advance. The only glance on sumo I got from a flyer for a photo exhibition. It states: The hairs of Sumo wrestlers are holy are not to be touched by anyone. I will keep it in mind if […]

day 118: i wish…

Next to temples in Japan people put their wishes on little wooden plates. I always tried to find out, what was writen on them, but never found anybody who could both sufficiently read japanese and speak good english. So anybody out there with those capabilities, please let me know what those people were wishing for.

day 99: temple etiquette

When you reach one of the 88 temples on the henro, there is a certain etiquette: First wash your hands/mouth with the water from the little fountain, that is at the entrance of every temple. Then ring the big bell to announce that you´re here. That´s my favorite part. Then you can recite a lot of […]

day 97: japanese beauty

This picture just shows japanese beauty. The caretakers of temple 22 on the henro, Byodoji, just put some leaves into the water, where you can wash your hands.

day 96: lost in contemplation

I wonder what it was like when Kobo Daishi was walking around here. The forest in Shikoku must have been thick and hard to get through. Did he know where he was going? Did he have a map? Did maps of this area exist in that time? That was around the year 800. Japan had […]

day 89: “kawaii” – part 1

Japanese understand to make everything „kawaii“ – cute. Everything is supposed to be cute. Trees and cars and clothing and faces and women. So I even find restriction signs can be very “kawaii”.

day 84: how to use a shower

In case you didn´t know how japanese showers work. You usually have a whole littler room for you, where you sit down on a little plastic stool with a mirror in front. There you can sit and splay around. One of the nicest shower rooms I´ve seen so far was this one with a beautiful floor […]

day 83: all you can drink

Not unusual in Japan: After work you go with your colleagues for some drinks. The easiest, or at least fastest way, get a 30-minutes all-you-can-drink deal for about 3,50 Euros.

day 78: respect

Bagi has worked 17 years as a Sushi chef in Denver, Colorado. Then he went back home to Shimoda, a little relaxed sea side town on the japanese Izu peninsula. In the summer months tourists and surfers from Tokyo come here. But Japan doesn´t have a big beach culture, so Shimoda keeps on being an […]

day 74: heiß gelaufene dampflok

Japan ist nicht einfach zu fassen. Und es ist schwer darüber zu schreiben ohne in Klischees zu rutschen. Für mich ist es eines der schwierigsten Länder, in denen ich bisher gereist bin. Für mich ist es einfacher mich im Chaos von Indien zurechtzufinden oder mit der gefährlichen Situation in Guatemela umzugehen, als auf dieses ruhige […]

day 72: best fortune

Some of the shrines in Japan can tell you the future. So does Senso-ji in Tokyo. They even thought of the tourists there and have prophecies in english. You just put 100 yen in a slot, pick a stick with a number on and take your fortune out of a drawer with the correct number. […]

day 71: loose tongue

Tokyo is (in)famous for its jazz and sake bars. Sake bars are supposed to be the few places where individualism gets its place in japanese culture. When people drink their sake they relax and their tongues loosen. That´s when personal talk can take place, when it´s ok to say that something is not going so […]

day 64: Marry me!

Is your son or daughter over 30 and still not married – and not showing any signs to do so soon? Don´t worry: Just write name, age, salary and heights of your son/daughter on a paper, stick it to an umbrella and go to Shanghai´s people´s park. Put the umbrella on the ground and sit […]

day 60: open air pants

Finally I got a picture of it: In China hardly any babies wear diapers. They just have open-air-pants. So whenever the babies feel the need, the parents don´t even have to take the babies´s pants off. Very cute.

day 57: sexy boy

This is a commercial – and it makes me realize I´m European. This boy just doesn´t seem attractive to me at all. But many Chinese women like their men soft, skinny and – in my eyes – very feminine. Different countries, different tastes.

day 56: tea pot

What i really enjoy in China. You order your tea and get a huge pot of water with it. Like that you can sit a while and keep pouring water on your tea.

day 53: night stroll

I´m stuck in Chengdu right now for a week. I stroll around in the city, which is the 4th biggest of China. 14 million people live here, that´s almost the double size of Austria. But surprisingly, the streets are very quiet for being such a big city. All the scooters here are e-scooters and a […]

day 29: volleyball

In many, many countries of the world you find people playing soccer. Under any circumstances, in the desert, in the high mountain plains, anywhere mostly men play soccer. Not so in the Pamirs, when the sun slowly sets men and women start playing volleyball – at 4000 meter above sea level.

day 19: tajik ladies

Those two ladies just came up to me and asked me to take their picture. I love their smiles. Afterwards they thanked me, giggled and went away.

day 16: love is..

The easy “how to-guide” to get some kisses on your hand. Printed on a 1 kg pack of wheat flour in a Tajik super market.

day 9: als frau allein

Zuerst Frühstück besorgt. Eier, Tomaten, Zwiebel, Nescafé dazu. Dann Richtung altem Penjikent gestartet. Dort liegen die Ruinen der Stadt, die zwischen dem 5. und 8. Jahrhundert eine der kosmopolitischsten Städte der ganzen Seidenstraße war. Von diesem Glanz ist wenig übrig, ich bin hier die einzige Ausländerin auf der Straße. Selbst von den Ruinen ist nicht […]