day 109: kobo daishi

Everywhere you walk you will meet statues of all sizes of Kobo Daishi, the man, who first walked the henro a long time ago. I see his statues a few times every day, so he deserves a little painting from me. This must be him in his young years.

day 81: Gang Nam Style

I was lucky to meet some people in Kyoto who took me to sing Karaoke – of course a real japanese experience. And I was even more lucky that a Korean joined our group. His name was J. He goes to sing Karaoke about once a week! And to top everything he sang „Gang Nam […]

day 78: respect

Bagi has worked 17 years as a Sushi chef in Denver, Colorado. Then he went back home to Shimoda, a little relaxed sea side town on the japanese Izu peninsula. In the summer months tourists and surfers from Tokyo come here. But Japan doesn´t have a big beach culture, so Shimoda keeps on being an […]

day 64: Marry me!

Is your son or daughter over 30 and still not married – and not showing any signs to do so soon? Don´t worry: Just write name, age, salary and heights of your son/daughter on a paper, stick it to an umbrella and go to Shanghai´s people´s park. Put the umbrella on the ground and sit […]

day 58: china´s got talent

This guy was sitting in his wheel chair in front of a huge shopping mall – the biggest building in the world by the way. Nobody was really listening except a cleaning woman that sat down to listen to the boy and me. I like his voice. And I thought that he would be perfect […]

day 57: sexy boy

This is a commercial – and it makes me realize I´m European. This boy just doesn´t seem attractive to me at all. But many Chinese women like their men soft, skinny and – in my eyes – very feminine. Different countries, different tastes.

day 21: alisha

ENGLISH VERSION BELOW. Alisha fragt mich, wie er nach Europa kommen kann. Er ist Guide in den Pamir-Bergen und hat im Sommer mit den paar TouristInnen zu tun, die ihn als Guide buchen und sich von ihm durch die karge Landschaft führen lassen. Pastores, kann er sagen. Das bedeutet Schäfer auf Spanisch. Oft schon hat […]

day 17: travellers

In Tadschikistan freut man sich über ein ausländisches Gesicht auf der Straße. Man sieht nämlich selten eines. In der Pamir Lodge in Khorog auf 2000 m Seehöhe mitten in den Pamir-Bergen kommen die Reisenden zusammen. Fast jeder ist ungewöhnlich. Der oder die „klassische/e“ Tourist/in kommt nicht nach Tadschikistan. Zu schlecht ist die touristische Infrastruktur, bzw. […]

day 16: love is..

The easy “how to-guide” to get some kisses on your hand. Printed on a 1 kg pack of wheat flour in a Tajik super market.

day 14: music and mountains

Imagine sitting in a black Mercedes with those three gentlemen. Once again you are on the tajik, dusty roads cruising to the capital city. At one time you cross a mountain pass of 2000 or 3000 meters. The wind blowing into the car is fresh, you take a deep breath and this beautiful tajik song […]

day 9: als frau allein

Zuerst Frühstück besorgt. Eier, Tomaten, Zwiebel, Nescafé dazu. Dann Richtung altem Penjikent gestartet. Dort liegen die Ruinen der Stadt, die zwischen dem 5. und 8. Jahrhundert eine der kosmopolitischsten Städte der ganzen Seidenstraße war. Von diesem Glanz ist wenig übrig, ich bin hier die einzige Ausländerin auf der Straße. Selbst von den Ruinen ist nicht […]