day 232: Im-propaganda

Please admit it, Im-propaganda is just a fantastic name for an impro troupe in China. That´s the poster of last month, but we just had an performance last night, together with People´s Republic of Comedy.

day 230: 1p1d on stage! went on stage. From all the pictures I took on my journey through Asia the super cool improvisation group Channel 21 😉 in Suzhou developed characters and put a story together. That´s what came out of it: Shereen, a big city girl, and Shi Yuan, a cruise ship captain, get hired to take a sail boat back […]

day 219: improv

I went with Channel 21, improv group from Suzhou, to Beijing Improv Festival. It was great. Very professionally organized, ver diverse shows in Chinese, English and bilingual. Among others there were “3 Dudes” from Hong Kong, “Beijing Improv”, “Zmack” from Shanghai…