day 93: dinner

It´s impossible to travel Japan and not write about food once in a while. This delicious dinner was given to me by Makto. He invites people to his house for a bit of money before they walk the „henro“, an old pilgrimage route around the island of Shikoku. I counted it: I had 15 different […]

day 78: respect

Bagi has worked 17 years as a Sushi chef in Denver, Colorado. Then he went back home to Shimoda, a little relaxed sea side town on the japanese Izu peninsula. In the summer months tourists and surfers from Tokyo come here. But Japan doesn´t have a big beach culture, so Shimoda keeps on being an […]

day 42: another train story

So train stories are always the nicest in China. I was going from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, both in Gansu province. It was another night train and there was no sleeper left so again I had to sit more than ten hours and try to sleep. When I was waking up from dozing for a while, […]

day 23: bread and yoghurt

The usual Tajik diet, especially in the mountains. You come close to a house, tent or yurt and within seconds you will be served green or black tea, bread and dairy in all kinds of variations.

day 12: new sisters

These lovely ladies and their mothers welcomed me on my mountain hike in the Fan Mountains. They gave me freshly baked bread and yoghurt made from their goats´ milk. My dates, that I had with me, they had to refuse, because of Ramadan. Thank you dear sisters for your hospitality! The first picture – which […]

day 8: reich beschenkt

Wenn ich durch Tadschikistan reise, schaut es so aus als ob dieses Land vergessen wurde. Von Gott, von der Regierung, vom Rest der Welt. Hellbraune, trockene Berge reihen sich aneinander. Manchmal durchzieht ein roter Erdstreifen die Monotonie. Die Hitze brühtet, kein Wölkchen am Himmel. Wachsen tut hier so gut wie nichts. In den engen Tälern […]