day 117: henro good bye

I forgot to mention: My japanese pilgrimage, the henro, around the island of Shikoku has finished after a little bit more of three weeks. It was beautiful and challenging, especially for my feet and my mind. 9 hours walking every day can be hard. But I loved it and can only recommend it to anyone.

day 112: pilgrims´ small talk

Most people walking the henro are men. Most of them are middle aged or older. Since many japanese don´t get more than two weeks vacation each year, there is little time to walk the henro. If you´re young, you might rather spend a fun time with your friends than having to complain about what is […]

day 111: “unofficial” temple

There is the official temples, you walk to on the henro – and there are the unofficial ones. The ones where you find some coffee (hallelujah), where you find bread, go to the toilet and enjoy the air condition. It´s the “combini stores” (Convenient stores), like Lawson or 7-11, you find on the way. I […]

day 109: kobo daishi

Everywhere you walk you will meet statues of all sizes of Kobo Daishi, the man, who first walked the henro a long time ago. I see his statues a few times every day, so he deserves a little painting from me. This must be him in his young years.

day 108: walking buddies

I´m happy to have met again wonderful walking buddies. They make the way so much easier and more fun. The dinner at night tastes better with them. This time I´m walking with Miguel from Spain and Toni from Great Britain. If we don´t look our best, this might be due to the fact that it […]

day 107: perfect trees

I´ve already mentioned the perfection of cutting trees in Japan. This is another example and I have to admit, this one is very pretty. Seen at one of the temples on the way.

day 106: walking with jess

Walking 9 hours (including some breaks of course) can be hard. So it´s beautiful to find nice walking companions on the way. I met Jess, a passionate walker from Great Britain. Last year she walked from London to Rome in 100 days. Now she´s walking around Shikoku. Here´s her blog Walking with Jess.

day 105: cold bath

When the ocean is far, there are still the beautiful rivers in Shikoku. Sometimes I take the time to rest and take a cold bath in one of the rivers. That for sure gives you back energy to keep on walking!

day 103: typical

Two things that are very typical for Japan. No.1 is the Vending machine. All over the country every few meters it seems there is a vending machine. On empty country roads, in tiny villages, at temples or in the city. Nowhere will you die of thirst in Japan. No. 2 the whale. Especially here at […]

day 100: early rise

When you walk it´s best to get up early. Have breakfast around 6:30 and start walking at 7. The first two hours walking until 9 o´clock are the most beautiful ones. The air is still fresh, the sun shines a warm light on everything and sometimes I´m rewarded with beautiful moments, like the one where I […]

day 98: finding the way

I´m still on the henro pilgrimage. Luckily there are signs to find your way around Shikoku island. Usually there are mountains surrounding you and cosmea (a kind of flower).

day 96: lost in contemplation

I wonder what it was like when Kobo Daishi was walking around here. The forest in Shikoku must have been thick and hard to get through. Did he know where he was going? Did he have a map? Did maps of this area exist in that time? That was around the year 800. Japan had […]

day 95: 88 temples

In a far away country on an island full with thick forest and a rugged coast, there is a path. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago a man walked on that path, finding his way through valleys, along river beds, into fisher villages, looking for truth. For enlightenment. Kobo Daishi went from temple to temple, just […]

day 20: Notstand

Drei Straßen führen aus der tadschikischen Bergstadt Khorog. Die erste ist der Pamir-Highway, eine Schotterpiste auf 4000 Meter Seehöhe, die durch die Pamir-Berge nach Kirgistan führt. Ein Erdrutsch hat den Fluß aufgestaut und die Wassermassen haben ein Dorf am Pamir-Highway überflutet. 60 Häuser wurden überschwemmt. Die Straße ist von Erde und Wasser blockiert, es gibt […]

day 12: new sisters

These lovely ladies and their mothers welcomed me on my mountain hike in the Fan Mountains. They gave me freshly baked bread and yoghurt made from their goats´ milk. My dates, that I had with me, they had to refuse, because of Ramadan. Thank you dear sisters for your hospitality! The first picture – which […]