day 218: cambio coffee

I went to the Shanghai Supper Club at Cambio Coffee. Cambio Coffee used to be a swimming pool, now they turned it into a coffee shop, art space and meeting place. Dinner was excellent as well. You can learn more about the Supper Club here:

day 191: seaweed

Back to (street)food: This time spicy seaweed salad – with white seaweed and not green one, which I´m used to from Japan. The salad is spicy, has peanuts in it, coriander, tomatoes, cabbage and is super yummie!

day 187: BBQ

Back to street food. This time barbecued ocras, spicy tofu and quail eggs with sweet-sour chili sauce and tamarind sauce.

day 176: green tomatoes

This time in our series “street pleasures” we have a green tomato salad, mixed with crushed peanuts, red, raw onion, fresh coriander, red chili, vinegar and oil. Super tasty!

day 174: devil in disguise

This little sucker is little. You see that. But with chilis, size does matter: The smaller, the hotter. So you can imagine, how hot this little sucker is and why I left it on the plate.

day 164: pleasure again

Here comes the full lunch menu. Lentil soup with cinnamon. Spinach and some other nice green vegetable with chili. Onions, tomato, tamarinde and something else. Little salad. Slimy capsicum/eggplant. Nice! I guess bamboo, but it tastes like mushroom. Pork.

day 159: street pleasures

One of the pleasures in Asia is street food – I have mentioned that, right? Here are some of the pleasures I have encountered so far in Myanmar. A salad with a lot of shredded ginger, crunchy beans, tomato, cabbage and tamarind sauce. To get the real taste, get some green chili with it. Yummie! […]

day 132: old man´s

After sunset til the morning, this is the place to be in Canggu: The Old Man´s bar. Never have a camera with me when I´m there, but accidentally some water colors. So that´s my version of Old Man´s bar. It´s open air, they have good food and drinks, very often live music, beer pong, … […]

day 111: “unofficial” temple

There is the official temples, you walk to on the henro – and there are the unofficial ones. The ones where you find some coffee (hallelujah), where you find bread, go to the toilet and enjoy the air condition. It´s the “combini stores” (Convenient stores), like Lawson or 7-11, you find on the way. I […]

day 93: dinner

It´s impossible to travel Japan and not write about food once in a while. This delicious dinner was given to me by Makto. He invites people to his house for a bit of money before they walk the „henro“, an old pilgrimage route around the island of Shikoku. I counted it: I had 15 different […]

day 83: all you can drink

Not unusual in Japan: After work you go with your colleagues for some drinks. The easiest, or at least fastest way, get a 30-minutes all-you-can-drink deal for about 3,50 Euros.

day 71: loose tongue

Tokyo is (in)famous for its jazz and sake bars. Sake bars are supposed to be the few places where individualism gets its place in japanese culture. When people drink their sake they relax and their tongues loosen. That´s when personal talk can take place, when it´s ok to say that something is not going so […]

day 68: 2.400 tons

This is Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. 2.400 tones of fish circulate here every day. In times of news that a lot of fish are becoming rare due to overfishing, this is an horrendous number. The real action is taking place here at 6:00 a.m., when the tuna auction is going on. Bluefin tuna can […]

day 56: tea pot

What i really enjoy in China. You order your tea and get a huge pot of water with it. Like that you can sit a while and keep pouring water on your tea.

day 51: Sichuan cooking

This is what a plate looks like, when you have finished your meal in Sichuan. In case you don´t recognize what it is: It´s a plate full of chili. So you can imagine how hot food gets here!

day 49: lonely days

ENGLISH VERSION BELOW. Es gibt Tage an denen ich einsam bin. Heute ist so ein Tag. Ich sitze in einem kleinen Restaurant in Zoige, irgendwo in den Bergen von Sichuan, ca. 12 Stunden entfernt von Chengdu, der Hauptstadt der Privinz Sichuan. Es regnet, es ist kalt und grau. Meine Nase läuft, ich bin verkühlt und […]

day 23: bread and yoghurt

The usual Tajik diet, especially in the mountains. You come close to a house, tent or yurt and within seconds you will be served green or black tea, bread and dairy in all kinds of variations.

day 16: love is..

The easy “how to-guide” to get some kisses on your hand. Printed on a 1 kg pack of wheat flour in a Tajik super market.

day 12: new sisters

These lovely ladies and their mothers welcomed me on my mountain hike in the Fan Mountains. They gave me freshly baked bread and yoghurt made from their goats´ milk. My dates, that I had with me, they had to refuse, because of Ramadan. Thank you dear sisters for your hospitality! The first picture – which […]