day 135: stars away

I am enjoying to be away from the heat and to be in the jungle. There is time and space to do – nothing. It feels like I´m “stars away”…

day 132: old man´s

After sunset til the morning, this is the place to be in Canggu: The Old Man´s bar. Never have a camera with me when I´m there, but accidentally some water colors. So that´s my version of Old Man´s bar. It´s open air, they have good food and drinks, very often live music, beer pong, … […]

day 116: train scribbling again

I don´t like riding the train. I love ferries because I love the ocean. I like airplanes, because you get a huge entertainment selection of movies and food. But sitting in the train is boring. So most of the time I start scribbling something. Here are the newest designs from a 7 hour train ride from […]

day 115: artsy island

Thank you Naoshima, it was a short but inspiring trip. Naoshima is an island between Shikoku and the mainland. By e-bike you can easily surround it in less than an hour. In the 1990s the Benesse Corporation started an art project there. They built the Benesse House Museum with a small but excellent collection of […]

day 109: kobo daishi

Everywhere you walk you will meet statues of all sizes of Kobo Daishi, the man, who first walked the henro a long time ago. I see his statues a few times every day, so he deserves a little painting from me. This must be him in his young years.

day 98: finding the way

I´m still on the henro pilgrimage. Luckily there are signs to find your way around Shikoku island. Usually there are mountains surrounding you and cosmea (a kind of flower).

day 95: 88 temples

In a far away country on an island full with thick forest and a rugged coast, there is a path. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago a man walked on that path, finding his way through valleys, along river beds, into fisher villages, looking for truth. For enlightenment. Kobo Daishi went from temple to temple, just […]