day 129: surfing bali

Welcome to Bali! I´ve been busy surfing, so blogging is becoming more and more difficult. Look at the beautiful blue sea – you will understand.  

day 113: surreal

I´ve stumbled into the most unconventional hotel I´ve ever been to. On the southern tip of Shikoku, where there is mostly coast and forest and old people, suddenly “Kaiyu” appears. “Kaiyu” is ugly from the outside. It is a 50s (or 60s or 70s) concrete building, like the hotels they plastered along the Spanish mediterranean […]

day 100: early rise

When you walk it´s best to get up early. Have breakfast around 6:30 and start walking at 7. The first two hours walking until 9 o´clock are the most beautiful ones. The air is still fresh, the sun shines a warm light on everything and sometimes I´m rewarded with beautiful moments, like the one where I […]

day 97: japanese beauty

This picture just shows japanese beauty. The caretakers of temple 22 on the henro, Byodoji, just put some leaves into the water, where you can wash your hands.

day 92: make-up buddhas

Koya San lies up in the mountains of the Kii peninsula surrounded by thick cedar forests. The air is fresher than down in the valley and the cedars give the surrounding a smell of earth and nature. Up here live 4000 people, mostly monchs running different temples. Visitors can sleep there. So the places are […]

day 60: open air pants

Finally I got a picture of it: In China hardly any babies wear diapers. They just have open-air-pants. So whenever the babies feel the need, the parents don´t even have to take the babies´s pants off. Very cute.

day 50: chinglish

Chinglish is the way english is being spoken and written in China. It can take strange and funny paths. This one is one of my favorites: “Grass smiles shyly.” I didn´t totally understand it, but I stayed away from the grass. This is just so poetic.

day 45: basketball

Who wouldn´t enjoy playing some basketball here? The court is next to a Tibetan village at the Gansu/Sichuan border, China.

day 43: movie set

I wanted to go to a national park, but somehow they must´ve understood me wrong. I ended up on a chinese movie set, where tourists can go…

day 25: stone or silk

Here it is, tataaaaaa: the spectacular Pamir Highway ( + detours). It is the most impressive landscape I´ve seen so far. I took 300 pictures on that day and couldn´t stop looking and looking. Sometimes you´re over 4000 meters high, the air is clean and fresh. For hours there is no village or other car […]

day 16: love is..

The easy “how to-guide” to get some kisses on your hand. Printed on a 1 kg pack of wheat flour in a Tajik super market.

day 12: new sisters

These lovely ladies and their mothers welcomed me on my mountain hike in the Fan Mountains. They gave me freshly baked bread and yoghurt made from their goats´ milk. My dates, that I had with me, they had to refuse, because of Ramadan. Thank you dear sisters for your hospitality! The first picture – which […]