day 225: wallpaper

I walk to Chinese class almost every day. Every morning I see a beautiful wallpaper in a newly opened restaurant. I love the style. The manager described it like cold Nordic style and to make it more Chinese and happy, they put in the colorful wallpapers.

day 224: floating city

Floating City is a web series about the life of expats in Shanghai. Here is episode 3:  If you´ve spent some time here, it´s probably funny… @photo taken from Floating City FB-page.

day 222: wall art

In China advertising can be easy. People just write their telephone numbers on walls in the streets and put next to it, what they are selling. I suppose, people do call, otherwise they would´t continue putting up their phone numbers on there. Even inside houses they put their numbers. I took this picture in an […]

day 220: Olafur

I saw an exhibition of the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson maybe 10 years ago in London. Right now he is exhibiting in Shanghai – and once again I loved him. He is one of the few artists who makes art, that is big, playful, fun, sensual and colorful. Just like I like it. In his […]

day 219: improv

I went with Channel 21, improv group from Suzhou, to Beijing Improv Festival. It was great. Very professionally organized, ver diverse shows in Chinese, English and bilingual. Among others there were “3 Dudes” from Hong Kong, “Beijing Improv”, “Zmack” from Shanghai…

day 199: democracy

Here comes my last old photograph from Myanmar. The flag in the background is the flag of the National League of Democracy, the party fighting and working for democracy in Myanmar.

day 197: old gems

In the heat of Yangon I stumbled into another photo exhibition, with old photographs of people in Myanmar. Another gem.    

day 196: Deitta

Deitta is a non-profit organization in Yangon, that works to develop documentary photography and filmmaking. They, together with (National Geographic) photographers make workshops with kids and other people in Myanmar. Deitta have renovated beautifully an old building in Yangon, that feels more like an old conolial building in Latin America. Hardly any of the old […]

day 143: awesome

Why invest in advertising and people who think about catchy slogans? This tattoo studio on Gili Air just keeps it simple. Get a tattoo and then you´re awesome. There is nothing more to add.

day 115: artsy island

Thank you Naoshima, it was a short but inspiring trip. Naoshima is an island between Shikoku and the mainland. By e-bike you can easily surround it in less than an hour. In the 1990s the Benesse Corporation started an art project there. They built the Benesse House Museum with a small but excellent collection of […]

day 85: the art of zen

Zen temples have beautiful aesthetics. Every littler part of a house, the garden, the floor is made with great care. Mindfulness, being aware of the moment, is then essence of Zen. These pictures are taking in one of the many temples in Kyoto.

day 73: patterns

I enjoy so much the beauty of Japanese drawing of kimonos. I find the real ones you see on the street alright. But the design and patterns you find on drawings are just exquisite.

day 63: Shanghai improv

I was warmly welcomed in Shanghai. Not only could I stay with my fabulous friend Sarah, but I was part in an improv jam in the Shanghai Comedy Club. Yes, finally my international improv career is kicking off… 😉 Watch out for the Shanghai Improv Festival in November! Here you can find some of the […]