day 225: wallpaper

I walk to Chinese class almost every day. Every morning I see a beautiful wallpaper in a newly opened restaurant. I love the style. The manager described it like cold Nordic style and to make it more Chinese and happy, they put in the colorful wallpapers.

day 196: Deitta

Deitta is a non-profit organization in Yangon, that works to develop documentary photography and filmmaking. They, together with (National Geographic) photographers make workshops with kids and other people in Myanmar. Deitta have renovated beautifully an old building in Yangon, that feels more like an old conolial building in Latin America. Hardly any of the old […]

day 113: surreal

I´ve stumbled into the most unconventional hotel I´ve ever been to. On the southern tip of Shikoku, where there is mostly coast and forest and old people, suddenly “Kaiyu” appears. “Kaiyu” is ugly from the outside. It is a 50s (or 60s or 70s) concrete building, like the hotels they plastered along the Spanish mediterranean […]

day 85: the art of zen

Zen temples have beautiful aesthetics. Every littler part of a house, the garden, the floor is made with great care. Mindfulness, being aware of the moment, is then essence of Zen. These pictures are taking in one of the many temples in Kyoto.

day 84: how to use a shower

In case you didn´t know how japanese showers work. You usually have a whole littler room for you, where you sit down on a little plastic stool with a mirror in front. There you can sit and splay around. One of the nicest shower rooms I´ve seen so far was this one with a beautiful floor […]

day 55: big building

I know, it doesn´t look as impressive as it sounds: This is the biggest free standing building in the world. It´s in Chengdu, Sichuan province. It´s a huge shopping mall. Inside you can also find a hotel and a water park with beaches.

day 18: tajik doormat

You would be surprised how often you see an old heater as a doormat up in the Pamir mountains. Here in Garmchasma at about 2500 m height.