I´m Michaela. I´m an anthropologist from AUSTRIA and I´m on the road for 400 days.

My journey takes me from the heights of the Pamir mountain range in TAJIKISTAN to the hot desert plains in CHINAs Far West Xinjang until I reach Beijing. From there I´m hopping over to JAPAN to work in a Zen center in the Nagano mountains. On my next stop I´ll be catchings some waves in INDONESIA.

Then I changed my plans. I went with a new friend to MYANMAR. After that to the neighboring country THAILAND. Mostly to get my visa for CHINA there. When I arrived Shanghai in August I wanted to return some time. My plans changed…

This would have been the plan: In february  I´ll hop over to a new continent. I´ll find my way from Rio de Janeiro in BRAZIL to the Amazonas river until I reach COLOMBIA and travel all the way up to MEXICO. My journey ends at the IO CHICAGO, where I´ll be playing some improv theater.

1picture1day: Every day for 400 days I´ll post a picture from my journey, so you can virtually join me on the road.


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