day 225: wallpaper

I walk to Chinese class almost every day. Every morning I see a beautiful wallpaper in a newly opened restaurant. I love the style. The manager described it like cold Nordic style and to make it more Chinese and happy, they put in the colorful wallpapers.

day 224: floating city

Floating City is a web series about the life of expats in Shanghai. Here is episode 3:  If you´ve spent some time here, it´s probably funny… @photo taken from Floating City FB-page.

day 223: room with a view

In Austria spring time is fantastic. So many flowers, the air is still fresh, but the sun is warming, you stretch your stiff legs from the winter and take a deep breath of fresh, clean air. You take a little trip to the country side, lay down in the grass and are happy to be […]

day 222: wall art

In China advertising can be easy. People just write their telephone numbers on walls in the streets and put next to it, what they are selling. I suppose, people do call, otherwise they would´t continue putting up their phone numbers on there. Even inside houses they put their numbers. I took this picture in an […]

day 220: Olafur

I saw an exhibition of the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson maybe 10 years ago in London. Right now he is exhibiting in Shanghai – and once again I loved him. He is one of the few artists who makes art, that is big, playful, fun, sensual and colorful. Just like I like it. In his […]

day 219: improv

I went with Channel 21, improv group from Suzhou, to Beijing Improv Festival. It was great. Very professionally organized, ver diverse shows in Chinese, English and bilingual. Among others there were “3 Dudes” from Hong Kong, “Beijing Improv”, “Zmack” from Shanghai…

day 218: cambio coffee

I went to the Shanghai Supper Club at Cambio Coffee. Cambio Coffee used to be a swimming pool, now they turned it into a coffee shop, art space and meeting place. Dinner was excellent as well. You can learn more about the Supper Club here:

day 217: sara

I was lucky to meet Sara. I needed some professional head shots taken of me, and a friend recommended Sara, a photographer, to me. She took me in her 2-storey studio, where she put plants, hung calligraphies and traditional chinese paintings. She made green tea and said: “Let´s drink tea. I want you to be […]

day 216: new friends

Hanging out with new friends in Café Vienna, with real apple strudel, Wiener Schnitzel and Melange. That´s the best cure against homesickness.

day 215: roof cats

Looking out of the window I see the roof cats. I´m in the oldest neighborhood of Shanghai, Xiaonanmen. Those cats hardly ever come down, the people throw the food up on the roof and the cats are happy. The nap in the sun up there, they jump from roof to roof. Sometimes they walk through […]