day 190: from sheep and tourists

What is it with tourists that they just follow every footstep of other tourists? When it´s said to go to this restaurant everybody will be there. The restaurant next door will be empty. If you have to try grilled fish with this kind of sauce, they do it. I´m a tourist too, I also read guide books but I also listen to my own rhythm, my own needs and interests and follow intuition and impulses.

The other day I went to this famous bridge near Mandalay. It´s the longest or the highest teak bridge in Asia or the world, I don´t know. You see, I don´t really remember what I read in guide books. My friend and me arrived there shortly after sunset. We went on the bridge and hundreds of people came towards us. Everybody was on the bridge for sunset. But as soon as the sun was gone everybody went back. Good for us, because while the sky was turning into a clear dark blue and the night was slowly settling in, we had the bridge for ourselves. Yes, it´s true I don´t have a picture of the bridge in the sunset. But I have the quiet and calming experience of being on the bridge, chatting with the young monchs that came by and having seen the stars slowly lighting up.

I don´t know what it is, that turns traveling humans into sheep?


About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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