day 185: nostalgia

I arrived at a lake. The pick up truck carried me over dusty mountains surrounded by dusty fields. And then you´re there. A long lake surrounded by hills. Fields, where people grow vegetable in the fertile soil. There are hardly any sounds, myabe a car passing by or a truck. The sound of children playing or women laughing. A fisher boat, where a woman with straw hat slowly rows, someone throwing out the net. It´s the picture perfect idyllic peaceful serene place. You would say, this is the klische perfection of Asia.

I don´t even want to mention the name of the lake. I don´t want you to know where it is. I don´t want you to come here. I want it to stay this way. I don´t want tourists rushing in here, bringing all the stress and the greed, that toursim (unvoluntarily) brings. I know it´s wrong, you can´t stop development, things change and Myanmar will change. You can´t preserve any place in a bubble, and I understand why people want to hook up with technology, connect with a shiny and glittery world. Or at least a world that seems like that. Maybe the people here want paved roads, they want the dust to become less, the toilets to be cleaner, brick stone houses instead of wooden ones, connect online. Maybe the village people don´t want that here. I don´t know. But it will come.

It´s just too beautiful to be exploited by tourism. Look at lake Inle. Yes, it´s still beautiful, somehow Myanmar people understand how to keep the calm, how to stay soft and gentle, and still laugh and have fun. I don´t want to sound nostalgic. I don´t want to be romantic and talk about the bad (western) city life. But when I arrive at lake Indawgyi I get in this nostaligic mood, that I usually don´t allow myself. Please put a glass cup over this place and preserve the peace and beauty.




About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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