day 199: democracy

Here comes my last old photograph from Myanmar. The flag in the background is the flag of the National League of Democracy, the party fighting and working for democracy in Myanmar.

day 197: old gems

In the heat of Yangon I stumbled into another photo exhibition, with old photographs of people in Myanmar. Another gem.    

day 196: Deitta

Deitta is a non-profit organization in Yangon, that works to develop documentary photography and filmmaking. They, together with (National Geographic) photographers make workshops with kids and other people in Myanmar. Deitta have renovated beautifully an old building in Yangon, that feels more like an old conolial building in Latin America. Hardly any of the old […]

day 195: golden times

In one of the pagodas of Yangon. Girl and brother.   I thought it was ACDC…   Angry monch.   In the end it´s all about the money.

day 193: rush hour

Sometimes motivational t-shirts can be quite funny. Like this one: you will make it through rush hour easily when you got this shirt on. 🙂

day 192: jade rush

You might have noticed: I like Myanmar. But of course, Myanmar has it dark sides like poverty, human rights issues and drugs. In the infamous Golden Triangle of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand a lot of opium was produced. Nowadays there is still a lot of poppy growing, especially to make heroin. Not everything is exported […]

day 191: seaweed

Back to (street)food: This time spicy seaweed salad – with white seaweed and not green one, which I´m used to from Japan. The salad is spicy, has peanuts in it, coriander, tomatoes, cabbage and is super yummie!

day 190: from sheep and tourists

What is it with tourists that they just follow every footstep of other tourists? When it´s said to go to this restaurant everybody will be there. The restaurant next door will be empty. If you have to try grilled fish with this kind of sauce, they do it. I´m a tourist too, I also read […]

day 188: connected

I love the pictures when I pose with women, who I meet on the way. With many there is a mutual respect. They grab my hand, I touch their backs, we lean towards each other and take pictures. It feels like finding new sisters. We smile at each other, we use our hands and feet […]

day 187: BBQ

Back to street food. This time barbecued ocras, spicy tofu and quail eggs with sweet-sour chili sauce and tamarind sauce.

day 185: nostalgia

I arrived at a lake. The pick up truck carried me over dusty mountains surrounded by dusty fields. And then you´re there. A long lake surrounded by hills. Fields, where people grow vegetable in the fertile soil. There are hardly any sounds, myabe a car passing by or a truck. The sound of children playing […]