day 182: fading memories

Seen in the guesthouse in Katha, a small village by the shores of the Ayayarwaddy river. It´s quiet and sleepy here. The big brown river seems to force its pace on the inhabitants on the village. It´s quiet and relaxed here. A long time ago the famous writer George Orwell lived here. He served as a colonial police man, which he detested. His experiences in a racist regime inspired his books “Burmese Days”, “Animal Farm” and “1984”, which can be read as a trilogy.

The old fading pictures on the wall of the guesthouse are the family members of the owner. A skinny man with glasses, whose mind seems to wander off over the river when you talk to him. Only when night falls he starts to relax, to smile and to chat. When you look at the picture of the sensitive man looking in the distance you can see the similarity of father and son.


About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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