day 182: fading memories

Seen in the guesthouse in Katha, a small village by the shores of the Ayayarwaddy river. It´s quiet and sleepy here. The big brown river seems to force its pace on the inhabitants on the village. It´s quiet and relaxed here. A long time ago the famous writer George Orwell lived here. He served as […]

day 181: into the sunrise

We took the train from Naypyidaw to Bago and then on to Moulmein. The motorbikes were put in a luggage department. When I woke up after a night in a seat, the shaking of the wagon and the lights on (I could sleep by putting the sleeping bag over my head) the sun was rising […]

day 177: massage what…?

Ok, we all know, South-East Asia is famous for good and cheap massages of any kind. I don´t know if there is really a traditional Myanmar massage in Myanmar. But in tourist places like Inle lake people are promoting it. Typical, traditional, massage. So I went. And this is what the massage studio looked like. […]

day 176: green tomatoes

This time in our series “street pleasures” we have a green tomato salad, mixed with crushed peanuts, red, raw onion, fresh coriander, red chili, vinegar and oil. Super tasty!

day 175: no-tech

In times when computers were not used so much or didn´t even exist, people would write a lot. Letters to each other, in books, to keep notes. Maybe you remember that time. In Myanmar people write in books to keep track of the accounting. In the train stations computers are not known and big books […]

day 174: devil in disguise

This little sucker is little. You see that. But with chilis, size does matter: The smaller, the hotter. So you can imagine, how hot this little sucker is and why I left it on the plate.

day 173: red fuel

The fast and easy way to get fuel in your motorcycle is stopping by the many little private “gas stations” on the way. People put a shelf with plastic bottles full of gas in front of their houses. Some of the fuel is green or red. I think, the people just color them for fun. […]

day 172: roads

I am nor very picky. I say: Raod conditions could be worse. Of course the roads in Myanmar are bumpy, there are a lot of holes in the street, but still, who wants to go fast here anyway? I took those pictures close to Kalay, Chin state, north west Myanmar.

day 170: the lake

One of the other must-sees in Myanmar, next to Bagan, is Lake Inle (Inlay). And Inle does deliver. It´s a beautiful blue lake, some mountains around and the most fascinating part are the village not around but in the lake. The houses are built on sticks over the water, the streets are water and if […]

day 169: winding roads

The roads, that lead to the south from Inle lake are beautiful. Soon you leave the tourist crowds behind you, there is a little river next to the road and left and right there are some hills. People plant their crops and life is once again slow. To get to highway no. 1 between Yangon […]