day 159: street pleasures

One of the pleasures in Asia is street food – I have mentioned that, right? Here are some of the pleasures I have encountered so far in Myanmar.


A salad with a lot of shredded ginger, crunchy beans, tomato, cabbage and tamarind sauce. To get the real taste, get some green chili with it. Yummie!



Breakfast time: noodles with tamarinde, soup, green tea and a little salad with chili, capsicum and cabbage (spicy!).


Lunch on a hill: a lot of rice, red beans, spicy eggplants, sour soup and a soup with different green leaves (bitter and tasty), coliflor with spices and a litte mountain of chili.


Lunch time in Mandalay: potatoes, chili, sour soup and a plate with a lot of green leaves (very nice!)


In Monywa we got lucky: a whole food place on the street with lots of vegetables: lentils, bamboo, spinach, another kind of spinach, chili – of course – and a few more things I can´t name 😦

About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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