day 167: tourists

I knew Bagan was going to be touristic. So I went with the (tourist) flow, because I knew soon enough I would be out in the country site with none speaking english around me. For sunset Bagan gets busy. Everybody wants to catch the best view from the highest temple to see the sunset.   […]

day 164: pleasure again

Here comes the full lunch menu. Lentil soup with cinnamon. Spinach and some other nice green vegetable with chili. Onions, tomato, tamarinde and something else. Little salad. Slimy capsicum/eggplant. Nice! I guess bamboo, but it tastes like mushroom. Pork.

day 163: how to travel alone

Today I won´t give you a picture but a nice advice I found on another blog. If you fear to travel alone, read it, you might take the next step after having read that: “How NOT to fear traveling alone”

day 161: boat ride

We put our motorbikes on a ship in Kalewa off to Monywa. On the boat there was not much to do but to hang out with the crew, to chat, to share food and to listen to music. Becca presented Western music, the crew presented Myanmar music, from Rock to romantic songs. When suddenly the […]

day 159: street pleasures

One of the pleasures in Asia is street food – I have mentioned that, right? Here are some of the pleasures I have encountered so far in Myanmar. A salad with a lot of shredded ginger, crunchy beans, tomato, cabbage and tamarind sauce. To get the real taste, get some green chili with it. Yummie! […]

day 157: changes

If you want to know what it feels like to walk around in a village in Myanmar do the following: Picture a completely naked man or woman walking around on the streets. Imagine what the people around would do. First their chaws would drop open, they would stare. If this completely naked woman or man […]

day 155: on the road

My friend Becca and me bought some little motorcycles in Mandalay. I can recommend Mandalay Motorbike there. Zach, an US-american guy, has been living there for 7 years, selling and fixing motorbikes. His little business is a place, where it´s easy to hang out a few hours. his wife is there, the two little sons, […]

day 154: oops!

Something went wrong with this truck. And it seems the guys around neither know how to solve that problem. Seen #ontheroadinmyanmar between Gangaw and Kalay.

day 153: golden times

The pagoda in Yangon is stunning. Even if you´re not a fan of religious buidlings, the gold of the Yangon pagoda will make you feel smaller. Here people hang out, lay down to sleep a while next to their favorite Buddha statue, eat some lunch with family, pray for a while or read a newspaper. […]

day 152: bumpy

Taking the train from Yangon to Mandalay is – let´s call it: special. It´s an old and solid train probably from the colonial times. It´s made out of full steel and is painted torquise inside. The upper class has beds and a ride costs around 10 Euros. The journey takes 14 hours. Slowly the train […]

day 147: myanmar actually

Es war ein Zufall. Eine beschwipste Frau hat mich angesprochen: „Hey, fahren wir nach Myanmar?“ Und ich hab ja gesagt. Ich weiß nur wenig über das Land: Aung San Suu Kyi, eine Militärjunta, die das Land brutal regierte, Aufstände, die von buddhistischen Mönchen und Nonnen angeführt wurden. Seit 4 Jahren ist das Land offen. Ich […]

day 144: healthy

There is not much to do on Gili Air, but to go snorkeling and diving. I did a beginner´s diving course. Only by filing out the sheet, asking me questions about my curet health status and history, I realized how lucky I am. No asthma, no heart problems, and so on. Uff, thank you! Still […]

day 143: awesome

Why invest in advertising and people who think about catchy slogans? This tattoo studio on Gili Air just keeps it simple. Get a tattoo and then you´re awesome. There is nothing more to add.

day 141: storm is coming

Rainy season has started in Bali and Lombok. Gili Air is dry and often you see the rain falling across the little stretch of ocean on Lombok.

day 139: the gilier, the smaller

The Gili islands are three tiny, tiny islands between Bali and Lombok. Gili Trawangan is the party island, Gili Meno is very quiet, and Gili Air is somewhere in between.You can easily walk around Gili Air in 1 1/2 hours. In the middle of the island is a little village. On the beaches there are […]

day 138: ecolodge

I have to recommend this place up in the jungle in Bali: Sarinbuana Ecolodge. It´s a littler heaven up in the cooler altitudes. That´s what my beautiful room looked like.

day 137: night butterfly

Here are some specialties of the Indonesian language. “Kupu kupu” means butterfly. “Malam” means night. So “Kupu kupu malam” of course means night butterfly – and you can find it up the mountains in Bali. But you might as well find a “Kupu kupu malam” in the dark back roads of tourist trap Kuta or […]