day 133: chasing the sun

When I was 21 I moved to Madrid to study there. The anthropology department at the Universidad Complutense – let´s be honest – sucked. So I put my attention on my “shared apartment family”, which consisted of Fredy, a spanish guy and Ulises from Mexico. We shared a lot of funny cigarettes in that time and we lived in a basement. The combination of no reason to go to university, funny cigarettes and a basement were fatal. Sunlight became a stranger to me. But there was one appointment in those days I hardly missed.

Right in front of our basement there was a park. It was overlooking the Casa de Campo, a big green area with grass and trees. And it was looking towards the west. Every evening I would go and watch the sunset. That was my one appointment I hardly ever missed. And there was almost always a sunset, because in Madrid there are hardly ever clouds.

Now that I´m in Bali, I´m far from living in a basement and funny cigarettes have disappeared from my life long ago. But I refound my appointment with the sunset. At 18:20 the sun sets in Bali, with little changes, we´re close to the equator here. New friends come along with me, tourist gather for the spectacle, fathers play soccer with their sons, mothers take the little ones to the ocean, the surfers are ripping their last waves for the day and even models come to get the best shot of themselves in the warm evening sun. Seems like in Bali people also cherish this one important appointment with the sun.








About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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