day 131: HELL, YEAH!, FOMO and the best slice of Pizza in Brooklyn. A book review.


Bali´s got me. What I do all day long: get up, surf, eat breakfast, rest, surf, maybe have a Bintang – THE balinese beer No. 1 (is there even another one?), eat dinner, sleep.

I hardly take any pictures. I only want to go to the water. And the blog is slowing down…

So I tell you about a book, I just read. It´s called:


„Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less.“ By Greg McKeown.

Does that sound boring to you? It´s not. It´s a guide to clean up your life like your closet. What do you really want to wear? What do you have in there just because you bought it, and now don´t want to give away, well, just because you don´t want to have wasted money.

The essential question is: Where do you REALLY want to put your energy in? What´s necessary, what is just garbage? Getting those questions answered will save you a lot of energy, that many of us waste on not important – essential –things. What we get: A society that is on the edge of burn-out and depression.

Maybe that´s the reason I only surf right now. I leave the party to the others. When I chat with the others I want to know about their surf today. How were the waves? How many did they get? Was it fun? Is the spot beautiful? My essence is very clear: me and the water and a loooot of paddling. Next time I need to post a picture of my arms, that feel like they have doubled in size by now. Very feminine!


Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book:

+ „No more yes. It´s either „HELL, YEAH!“ or No.“ I like the radicality of that. When you already feel heaviness in saying yes, or it´s just a „why not“ because there is nothing else, nothing energetic will come out of it.

Do you know that sensation, when your whole body is saying yes, yes, yes? Even when troubles come after that decision or you encounter difficulties, it will not be difficult. Because your guts were involved in the decision. Problems seem lighter. I have experienced that many times.

+ One important topic, that thrives us to always lose the sight on the essential: FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. Get over it! (For me the hardest part though…) I love what I learned from my improv teacher: „The party is always where you are.“ Trust it – follow your gut what is essential in that moment and what you need, and not what you should be doing.

+ From „pretty clear“ to „really clear“. Nailing things down so everything is really clear, is not easy. But: It frees a huge amount of energy. When the directon, the aim is clear you can advance fast and straight forward. McKeown gives many examples how teams become super productive once the goal is clear, simple and not 10 vague things at a time.

It´s like googling „good restaurant in New York“. You´ll get a huge amount of everything possible. If you google for „best Pizza slice in Brooklyn“, you´re more likely to get exactly what you want.

+ „Essentialists accept the reality that we can never fully anticipate or prepae for every scenario or eventualty; the future is simply to unpredictable. Instead build in buffers to reduce the friction caused by the unexpected.“ Nothing to add to that. We all know that, very few of us do it. The outcome: very stressed and busy people.

There are more topics, like building daily rituals, but that for me is the next level and hard to accomplish. That needs a lot of discipline, and that is not my biggest quality for sure. Get the book and read it. I´ll be on the water now. Then to get a Bintang, then off to bed. Essential, man, essential.

About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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