day 125: power of life



I was in Nagasaki. It was the place i liked the most in Japan. It must be because it´s more south, so it seems more relaxed. And also due to it´s past it´s more open and diverse. There have been portuguese, dutch and chinese communities here since a long time.

I could´t help but go to the atomic bomb museum. Of course the dropping of the second atomic bomb on Japan shouldn´t be the only thing you should think about when you go to Nagasaki. Most impressive for me was the strength of life and nature that cannot even be stopped by an atomic bomb. Look at those pictures: One is of a tree after the bombing and how it looks today. And the other black and white photography shows how nothing was left in this neighborhood of Nagasaki. And look at it now, it´s not different to any other neighborhood in Japan.

I bow to the power of life, that just keeps pushing and pushing!









About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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