day 135: stars away

I am enjoying to be away from the heat and to be in the jungle. There is time and space to do – nothing. It feels like I´m “stars away”…

day 134: jungle escape

I had to escape the heat of Canggu. I ended up in Sarinbuana. It´s a tiny village at 700 meters at the foot of a volcano and it´s a little paradise. Jungle, rain and a cool breeze. Exactly what I needed to get the constant burning sun out of my system. I took my scooter […]

day 133: chasing the sun

When I was 21 I moved to Madrid to study there. The anthropology department at the Universidad Complutense – let´s be honest – sucked. So I put my attention on my “shared apartment family”, which consisted of Fredy, a spanish guy and Ulises from Mexico. We shared a lot of funny cigarettes in that time […]

day 132: old man´s

After sunset til the morning, this is the place to be in Canggu: The Old Man´s bar. Never have a camera with me when I´m there, but accidentally some water colors. So that´s my version of Old Man´s bar. It´s open air, they have good food and drinks, very often live music, beer pong, … […]

day 129: surfing bali

Welcome to Bali! I´ve been busy surfing, so blogging is becoming more and more difficult. Look at the beautiful blue sea – you will understand.  

day 128: subtle effects of japan

While my flight from Tokyo via the Philippines to Bali takes off, I am sitting with relish in a kabuki performance – traditional Japanese theater – in the National Theatre Tokyo. Probably I´m dozing, the performance takes 4 ½ hours. The next day I’m at the airport and surprised: The flight was yesterday. Good, new […]

day 127: a million lights

Tokyo from above is a must-see. From every side of the Tokyo Skytree, where you can look at the city from above, you see an endless ocean of lights.

day 126: tokyo metro

I had to go to the embassy. I wanted to take the metro at 8 a.m. to get there early to get “business” done in time. This was a bad idea. Did you ever pack your suitcase, that is too small for all the stuff you want to take along. And you squeeze everything in […]

day 125: power of life

BEFORE I was in Nagasaki. It was the place i liked the most in Japan. It must be because it´s more south, so it seems more relaxed. And also due to it´s past it´s more open and diverse. There have been portuguese, dutch and chinese communities here since a long time. I could´t help but […]

day 123: holy hair

Sumo wrestling is popular in Japan. I tried to get tickets but everything is sold well in advance. The only glance on sumo I got from a flyer for a photo exhibition. It states: The hairs of Sumo wrestlers are holy are not to be touched by anyone. I will keep it in mind if […]

day 118: i wish…

Next to temples in Japan people put their wishes on little wooden plates. I always tried to find out, what was writen on them, but never found anybody who could both sufficiently read japanese and speak good english. So anybody out there with those capabilities, please let me know what those people were wishing for.

day 117: henro good bye

I forgot to mention: My japanese pilgrimage, the henro, around the island of Shikoku has finished after a little bit more of three weeks. It was beautiful and challenging, especially for my feet and my mind. 9 hours walking every day can be hard. But I loved it and can only recommend it to anyone.

day 116: train scribbling again

I don´t like riding the train. I love ferries because I love the ocean. I like airplanes, because you get a huge entertainment selection of movies and food. But sitting in the train is boring. So most of the time I start scribbling something. Here are the newest designs from a 7 hour train ride from […]