day 99: temple etiquette


When you reach one of the 88 temples on the henro, there is a certain etiquette: First wash your hands/mouth with the water from the little fountain, that is at the entrance of every temple. Then ring the big bell to announce that you´re here. That´s my favorite part. Then you can recite a lot of sutras at every temple at the temple ground. I don´t do that. I just have a paper with the heart sutra, that I recite. It´s best to bow before the temple and also before entering the temple ground. A lot of pilgrims collect the calligraphic stamps at every temple. I don´t do that either. But in the end, I don´t feel like there is a strict protocol and the nobody observes you if you behave “correctly”.






About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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