day 72: best fortune

2Some of the shrines in Japan can tell you the future. So does Senso-ji in Tokyo. They even thought of the tourists there and have prophecies in english. You just put 100 yen in a slot, pick a stick with a number on and take your fortune out of a drawer with the correct number. In japanese and english you will be told your future.

I heard that 60% of the fortunes are not so positive. But don´t worry, just tye your bad fortune on a rack nearby and hope for the best. Still I find it beautiful how the Japanese explain you how to deal with destiny. They put a paper there to tell you what to keep in mind when picking a good or a bad fortune:

“When you draw good fortune, you should not be careless and arrogant. Even if bad fortune, have no fear. Try to be modest and gentle. Wether in good or bad fortune, you should tenaciously do your best. You can carve out your own future.

The two last lines they double underline them. It says so much how Japanese handle their lives.

I was lucky and picked number 13, the best fortune you can get. So watch out for me in spring time, this is when everything that could possibly go well, will go well.







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35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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