day 71: loose tongue

s1Tokyo is (in)famous for its jazz and sake bars. Sake bars are supposed to be the few places where individualism gets its place in japanese culture. When people drink their sake they relax and their tongues loosen. That´s when personal talk can take place, when it´s ok to say that something is not going so well for you or just to laugh and make some silly jokes. Politeness and correctness can stay outside the bar for a while.

I didn´t end up in a sake bar, but a small restaurant with specialities from Japan´s tropical islands in the South: Okinawa, where the sun is supposed to be hot and the water crystal clear. We were in the 4th floor of the building and at the same heights in front of the window cars were rushing by on the city speedway. Two okinawan musicians were stroking their guitars and as beer kept being served people enjoyed their friday night and let their tongues loosen up.“>







About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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