day 53: night stroll


I´m stuck in Chengdu right now for a week. I stroll around in the city, which is the 4th biggest of China. 14 million people live here, that´s almost the double size of Austria. But surprisingly, the streets are very quiet for being such a big city. All the scooters here are e-scooters and a lot of cars as well. Tonight I took an evening stroll by the little river that runs to the city, it reminds me of the river Vienna in my hometown. Again a surpise: it is amazingly clean – and that in China. When you walk down the little river you meet a funny mixture of people: You see the ones putting red candles in the grass and praying. You see the „dancing grandmas“, who turn on some music and dance together to exercise. You see some men taking their shirts off and playing cards – for money of course. Right next to them you see the ladies playing cards, leaving their shirts on but also playing for money. You see old men practicing Tai Chi. You see the young couples in love. You see young couples with their first and only child. People walking their dogs. And suddenly a colourful lady singing some romantic songs and collecting money. A few meters down the river a little band is practicing. And then a couple dancing Tango.

When night falls in Chengdu it´s time to go out and stroll through the city. Everybody will be there and do their thing.








About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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