day 46: selfie time


I am tired of public transportation. I have to find out the time, get a ticket – if I´m lucky for the day that I want. I have to wait and to squeeze in and squeeze out. When I´m in the mood to just take off, I wish I had a car or a bicycle. I feel so dependent and don´t like it.

So I tried hitch hiking in China. And went up to the grass lands in Gansu, where the majority of the population is already tibetan. Hitch hiking works quite well. Most people are curious why a foreign stands by the road waving.

On one journey I met another “single traveller”, a Tibetan lady. We waved and waved but no car would stop. I don´t know if she thought or knew that alone as a foreigner I would be more successful or if she was just tired. But she sat down in the grass 15 meters behind a bush. I don´t know if she was hiding or just looking for shade.

I kept on waving. Quite soon a very fancy car stopped and two Tibetan guys with sunglasses looked out of the window. I said: “Xiahe”, the name of the village where I wanted to go. They nodded. Then I waved my friend and she came out of the bushes. The smile of the two guys in the car froze, and my new friend and me laughed and got into a wonderful, clean car with air condition.


About Michaela Krimmer

35, anthropologist, Austrian, female

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