day 58: china´s got talent

This guy was sitting in his wheel chair in front of a huge shopping mall – the biggest building in the world by the way. Nobody was really listening except a cleaning woman that sat down to listen to the boy and me. I like his voice. And I thought that he would be perfect […]

day 57: sexy boy

This is a commercial – and it makes me realize I´m European. This boy just doesn´t seem attractive to me at all. But many Chinese women like their men soft, skinny and – in my eyes – very feminine. Different countries, different tastes.

day 56: tea pot

What i really enjoy in China. You order your tea and get a huge pot of water with it. Like that you can sit a while and keep pouring water on your tea.

day 55: big building

I know, it doesn´t look as impressive as it sounds: This is the biggest free standing building in the world. It´s in Chengdu, Sichuan province. It´s a huge shopping mall. Inside you can also find a hotel and a water park with beaches.

day 53: night stroll

I´m stuck in Chengdu right now for a week. I stroll around in the city, which is the 4th biggest of China. 14 million people live here, that´s almost the double size of Austria. But surprisingly, the streets are very quiet for being such a big city. All the scooters here are e-scooters and a […]

day 52: dancing girl

On a rainy afternoon in Chengdu I was the only customer in a little restaurant. I was bored and so was the owner of the restaurant, who was sitting there with her two daughters. While I was waiting for my food the daughter of the owner pulled off a little show.

day 51: Sichuan cooking

This is what a plate looks like, when you have finished your meal in Sichuan. In case you don´t recognize what it is: It´s a plate full of chili. So you can imagine how hot food gets here!

day 50: chinglish

Chinglish is the way english is being spoken and written in China. It can take strange and funny paths. This one is one of my favorites: “Grass smiles shyly.” I didn´t totally understand it, but I stayed away from the grass. This is just so poetic.

day 49: lonely days

ENGLISH VERSION BELOW. Es gibt Tage an denen ich einsam bin. Heute ist so ein Tag. Ich sitze in einem kleinen Restaurant in Zoige, irgendwo in den Bergen von Sichuan, ca. 12 Stunden entfernt von Chengdu, der Hauptstadt der Privinz Sichuan. Es regnet, es ist kalt und grau. Meine Nase läuft, ich bin verkühlt und […]

day 46: selfie time

I am tired of public transportation. I have to find out the time, get a ticket – if I´m lucky for the day that I want. I have to wait and to squeeze in and squeeze out. When I´m in the mood to just take off, I wish I had a car or a bicycle. […]

day 45: basketball

Who wouldn´t enjoy playing some basketball here? The court is next to a Tibetan village at the Gansu/Sichuan border, China.

day 43: movie set

I wanted to go to a national park, but somehow they must´ve understood me wrong. I ended up on a chinese movie set, where tourists can go…

day 42: another train story

So train stories are always the nicest in China. I was going from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, both in Gansu province. It was another night train and there was no sleeper left so again I had to sit more than ten hours and try to sleep. When I was waking up from dozing for a while, […]

day 36: western imperialism

I was riding the train from the most western city in China, Kashgar, to the hottest point – temperature wise – in China: Turpan. It´s a 17-hour train ride. I bought the train ticket very late so I could only get a ticket for the cheapest category, which means 17 hours of sitting in a […]

day 35: core socialist values

Some propaganda material on the streets of Turpan/ Tulufan. The core socialist values are like the usual shallow political values in any country: freedom, harmony, nationalism, culture, work ethic, equality, justice,…

day 29: volleyball

In many, many countries of the world you find people playing soccer. Under any circumstances, in the desert, in the high mountain plains, anywhere mostly men play soccer. Not so in the Pamirs, when the sun slowly sets men and women start playing volleyball – at 4000 meter above sea level.

day 25: stone or silk

Here it is, tataaaaaa: the spectacular Pamir Highway ( + detours). It is the most impressive landscape I´ve seen so far. I took 300 pictures on that day and couldn´t stop looking and looking. Sometimes you´re over 4000 meters high, the air is clean and fresh. For hours there is no village or other car […]

day 24: Aga Khan

Since the Pamir Highway is blocked, there is a detour via the Wakhan Valley, one part is in Tajikistan, the other part in Afghanistan. The roads are bad, the mountains are high and dry. There is only about 10,000 people living in the area. School, money and education is rare. It´s an open secret that […]

day 23: bread and yoghurt

The usual Tajik diet, especially in the mountains. You come close to a house, tent or yurt and within seconds you will be served green or black tea, bread and dairy in all kinds of variations.